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Current Freelancing Climate

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As I think about the current freelancing climate, I remember my grandparents talking about living through the Great Depression. As a kid listening to stories, I didn’t fully appreciate the trying times they went through until now. 

It’s been a rough, rough year for so many and the pandemic will surely define the zeitgeist of our era.

With so much pain and loss that people have experienced this last year, I think it’s important to recognize that the pandemic has been largely unforeseeable and out of our control. And it’s left us scratching our head and wondering what in the world comes next? The uncertainty is palpable.

While I don’t have solid answers, in my Tuesday training I talk about moving forward while giving some insight as to the current climate for freelancers. Watch my talk below, or scroll to keep reading. 

The Freelance Advantage

Some of us are lucky to be freelancers by design. Others have recently been forced into freelancing because they’ve been laid off. If you can prove you’ve already got the following skills, you’ve got a real advantage over those who are brand new to the freelancing arena.

Working Independently

We’ve seen businesses liquidate their office spaces and go 100% remote recently, which has created a mixed bag of results because of unexpected hurdles and challenges. But with experience working from home, current freelancers have cleared these challenges and are already ahead of the game. 


You’ve (hopefully!) overcome any individual issues you’ve had when it comes to working independently. If you’ve proven yourself as a freelancer, you’ve shown you know how to be productive with relatively low supervision. With no one there to crack the whip, self-motivation is key and you’ve got it!

Established Workflow and Workspace

You have a workspace and are ready to get down to business. You’re not struggling to get set up to a network, get proper equipment, etc. You likely know your way around at least one productivity app, and once you know one it’s easier to learn others. You also are more apt to have the soft skills and etiquette for communication and working in a team remotely. Giving you a further advantage, your workspace is set!


Here are some opportunities that are presenting themselves in the current freelancing climate due to the large shift in the workforce from office to home.

Ready to Hire

Companies are more receptive than ever to hiring remote workers in the current freelancing climate. Job announcements regularly hit my inbox and I’ve recently noticed a lack of the usual “relocation required” verbiage. Companies are more receptive to remote workers, and living in the vicinity is no longer a prerequisite to landing a job with your dream company! 

Specialized, Project-Based Teams

I predict companies will start to assemble more virtual, project-based teams based on talent and results, rather than permanent workers. These teams will be utilized to accomplish a common goal and purpose, then dissolved as new teams are composed for new projects.

There are many ways you can strategize to leverage your special skills and talents to land the remote or freelance job of your dreams. Click here to see my recommendations for actions you can take RIGHT NOW to get started!

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