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5 Simple Tax Tips for Freelancers

These tax tips for freelancers will give you more confidence when Uncle Sam comes knocking.

Why Simple Freelance Contracts are Better Than NDAs for Building Lasting Client Relationships

Do you know what I’m tired of hearing? That signing an NDA is better than signing a simple services contract! Whether you are just starting out as a freelancer, or you’ve been in business for many years, choosing between signing a contract and appending your signature...

Don’t get sued for using Google images illegally

So, recently I was a part of the WordCamp web design conference in Kansas City. While most of the discussion was about web design, there was a LOT of discussion about photography. Using Google to find images for your website or your marketing may seem like an easy...

Sole Proprietor vs LLC vs S-Corp…Choosing the right business entity for your freelance business.

Freelancers are business owners. And as business owners, freelancers need to be mindful of how their business is structured from a legal and accounting standpoint. The right business entity is needed to give your freelance business the right foundation from which to...

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