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Attracting Ideal Clients, Part 2: Fishing For Clients

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What if I told you that fishing for clients was easy? Would you be skeptical? Would you be interested?

I talk to freelancers all over the world and no matter what, getting clients is the number one need that freelancers have – and no wonder; without clients, we don’t have a business!

As I mentioned in part 1, you first must be crystal clear on who you are and what you do for your clients before you go looking for your perfect client. Here, I’ll go over some lessons about finding clients, which I learned from afternoons fishing with my grandfathers.

I have fond childhood memories of going fishing with both of them; one had a pond on his property where my cousins and I would spend hours dropping our lines in. The other was a fishing aficionado – taking me to lakes and rivers in search of “the big one”.

So, what does this have to do with finding clients? Well, like fishing, when trying to attract clients you have to be prepared, know where to find them, and know what bait to use. Fishing for clients may not be “easy” right away, there are many things you can do to increase your chances of landing quality clients.

Watch the video below or read on for details.

Go Where the Fish Are

When it comes to fish, If you’re sitting on your couch, there’s a zero percent chance you’ll catch one, right? You have to meet them where they live – a body of water where you know there are some fish swimming around. 

Similarly, when fishing for clients I recommend taking notice of where your clients are hanging out. I guarantee there are places where they are NOT hanging out – your website is one of them. Just having your own website isn’t going to get you clients. Sure, it’s a tool you can use to help reel them in, but to get them on the hook, you’ve got to go where your clients are hanging out – in facebook groups, in Clubhouse conversations, in networking circles (IRL and virtual).

Strategically place yourself where you have the highest percentage or opportunity and chance for catching a client. 

Have Your Equipment in Place

I’ve seen some people catch fish barehanded, but it’s kind of impossible. You need some essential tools before fishing; a rod with line and some tackle, lures, maybe even a boat. 

When looking for clients, you need to have the right tools to catch and land a client. The bigger the client you want, the bigger the equipment you’ll need. It’s pretty hard to catch a large-mouthed bass with a kiddie pole, you know?

Tools to lure and land a client should include at least one of the following: 

  • social channels
  • blog
  • email list 
  • podcast
  • workshop
  • freebies

These all act as your equipment. By no means do you need all these things, but you need at least one. Think about which your client would respond to the best.

Once you’ve got your equipment and you know where your clients are hanging out – you’re getting close! 

Have the Right Bait

I’ve sat in boats on many bodies of water, having all the equipment with me, and I KNOW the fish are in there. But they aren’t just going to just jump into the boat of their own volition. First I have to put a lure on the line and drop it in the water. Knowing what they’re hungry for really helps!

Likewise, you need to know your customer’s pain points. What are they most hungry for? If you know what your customer wants and needs, and present it in a place they will see it, it will be hard to resist. 

Once you identify the problem your client is having, then you can tailor a solution and messaging that will resonate with your clients.

This is the prime time to really hook your client. But you need to have the right messaging for them to bite. What are you promising on your blog/email/workshop/podcast? What can you present to them that will make them say “I need that! I need to go to this person to get what I need!” 

If you want to land some quality clients that will feed your business well, be sure to create quality tools to attract them. Use messaging that resonates, and make sure they understand you hold the answer to their problem. 

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