Purpose To Profit Design Business Summit ™

August 22-26, 2022

The Purpose To Profit Design Business Summit™ is a free 5-day event with 25+ experts designed to help you leverage your creative purpose to build a stable and profitable design business.


Would you like to speak at my summit?

How it works?

Each day of the summit will consist of 4-5 pre-recorded presentations. Each presentation will be 15-25 minutes long, followed by a brief pitch/mention of a freebie from the speaker.

While the summit itself will be free, there will be an option for attendees to purchase an “All-Access Pass”. Buyers will be invited to join my private community. This will be the place for attendees to hang out, hold each other accountable, and ask any additional questions. All speakers will be invited to join to further connect with attendees.

What’s in it for me?

  • Grow your email list
    While we’re not sharing the attendee list with speakers, you’ll have the opportunity to promote a freebie at the end of the presentation. This will hopefully result in 100s, or even 1000s, of new subscribers for you, who will then go on to purchase from you either immediately (through a tripwire offer) or later.
  • 40% affiliate commissions
    You will receive 40% commission for anyone who purchases the All-Acces Pass through your affiliate link.
  • A complimentary All-Access Pass
    I’m still finalizing all of the juicy details that are included, but it will likely include lifetime access to all the presentations, premium resources from some of the speaker, and a private podcast feed of the summit aws well as promotion to my email list.
  • Re-use your presentation in future
    I’m not locking you into an exclusive with your presentation or content. You will be free to reuse your presentation recording any way you’d like in future. 
  • Exposure/profile building/visibility/etc
    I’m hoping to get some really great speakers for this summit, and I’m hoping to have 1000s of people signing up. Being a speaker of this summit is going to get you in front of people, and who knows where that might lead… But at the same time, I’m putting this benefit last because it’s a longer game and I can’t predict what will come from your involvement.
    (And in the interests of full transparency… what’s in it for me is: new subscribers, All-Access Pass sales, and the opportunity to put on a really fun, impactful event that supports my audience).

Meet Your Host

I left my corporate cubicle 15 years ago. Why?
Because I wanted more.
I wanted to be able to earn an income that I knew my skills were worth.
I wanted to have the choice to pick the clients I would work for.
I wanted to have the flexibility to work when and where I choose.
I wanted the freedom to spend time with my growing family.
I wanted the ability to invest in the areas in my life that I was most passionate about.

What We’re Looking For

We’re looking for speakers who can share an actionable piece of knowledge, wisdom or know-how that will directly benefit owners of design-based businesses. The results do not have to be financial, but can also include things such as an increase in time, energy, momentum, client results, confidence, etc.

We’re interested in hearing from people who understand what it’s like to run and grow a service-based businesses. We’re looking for those who have achieved real results, by actively teaching others how to implement their idea, as well as those who have only implemented in their business.

If you’ve had people comment that what you’re doing is a great idea, ask you how you’re doing it, or have implemented similar in their business – that’s probably a great fit for this summit!

Your presentation idea can relate to any area of business (e.g. list building, marketing, sales, offer design, offer creation/delivery, pricing, reputation/credibility building, pitching/negotiation, VIP offers, digital products, processes/systems, etc), but it does need to be useful/relevant to a large percentage of design business owners. To clarify though, we’re not encouraging summit attendees to ‘copy’ your idea, but to be inspired to come up with and implement their own unique ideas.

Speaker Requirements

  • Basic information so I can tell everyone how awesome you are – bio, headshot, links, etc.
  • A pre-recorded 15-20 minute presentation, with up to a 3 minute pitch of your freebie. The presentation can be slides, your beautiful face or a mixture. Full presentation instructions will be given, including prompts and a slides template. 
  • (Optional but strongly encouraged) Promotion of the summit to your email list and on social media. You will receive full swipe copy and graphics to support you with promotion.
  • (Optional) Include a premium resource (i.e. not something that’s available for free on your website) in the All-Access Pass. This can be something like an eBook, course, 3+ months membership, etc. This will also result in additional email subscribers when buyers of the All-Access Pass sign up for your included offer.

Key Dates

  • August 1st: Presentation deadline
  • August 8th: Speaker/affiliate promotion begins
  • Monday 22nd – Thursday 26th August: Purpose To Profit Design Business Summit

Apply To Speak

Still interested? Awesome! Let’s talk about what we’re looking for in our speakers…

Applications are now open.

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