Are you ready to make the shift from burned out employee to CEO of your dream freelance business, while earning 2x-3x of your 9-to-5 your income while actually working less and having the freedom to spend more time at home with those you love?

I created the Freelance CEO Fast Start System to help you launch expertise even though you have little/no business experience, price your services profitably and to give you proven tools to find perfect-fit clients with simple, repeatable no-brainer offers that will allow you to be your own boss, support your family well and have the freedom to invest in what matters most to you.

Step 1

Analyze your existing skills, talents, experiences and determine how to best position your expertise to your perfect-fit client

Step 2

Determine the products and services that you will offer and create profitable pricing and no-brainer offers that will be profitable for you and easy to sell to your client.

Step 3

Learn two proven and repeatable strategies for finding your perfect-fit clients and a simple system for connecting your expertise and services with your clients business needs.

By the end of the Freelance CEO Fast Start System™, you will know exactly which steps to take — and in the right order — to position your expertise, create profitable, no-brainer offers and perfect-fit clients in order to become the CEO of a profitable business that gives you freedom and flexibility.

Everything you need to launch and scale your freelance busines.

The Process


Step 1

First, we’ll uncover your skills, talents, experiences and passions. We will determine your ideal market and position you and the valuable services you offer in a way that clearly communicates that value you offer and creates the perfect introduction for your ideal client.

Step 2

Next, we will package your skills and services into a clear offer that your client needs and results that they will gladly pay you well for (no more up-front client work for free).

You will complete an assessment that will uncover how you can best serve your clients (kinda weak)

You and I will work together to develop clear compelling packages that will your clients need and will be willing to pay you well for.

Step 3

Third, we put all the pieces together. You will learn an how to construct (and deliver) a no-pitch, no-brainer offer to your perfect fit clients that makes it easy for them to say yes and start putting clients into your pipeline. I will provide you a way to plan and track your daily, required actions as well as weekly performance metrics required to bring you ultimate success.

Step 4

Next, we will build an easy, step-and-repeat client booking system which will make it easy for you to bring new clients into your business, paving the way for you to start serving and building your dream business!

Step 5

Finally, we’ll make sure you understand the entire process and have answers to any of your question before you launch.. – (in which we will be putting all of the pieces together and walking through the daily required actions and weekly performance metrics necessary for the success of this system. We’ll cover any final questions before launch and clear up any points of confusion so that we are primed and ready for game time on launch day.

Step 6

Plus, you get a [BONUS STEP] to help you alleviate [POST-DREAM-POINT-B PAIN POINT].



The total cost to work with us and get your Freelance CEO Fast Start System™ slot booked is:


(And by the way – every penny you pay into enrollment in this program is subtracted from the cost of all our more premium programs – so you can start here and progress as needed for no increase in cost!)

Reach out if you have any questions!

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