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How to Go From Side-hustle to Full-time Freelance

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Do you always find it challenging to wake up to your alarm and rush to the office? Do you have the talent of becoming a graphic designer but are only doing it as a hobby or a side hustle? If this is your case, then it’s high time for you to wake up not to your alarm but to explore your inner self.

Read further to know how to get started with it:

Know your business – Understand the essentials

The very first step is to know your side hustle from the core. Take your own time to understand your new start-up and picturize your goals to set your own benchmarks.

Be confident with industry-specific design apps.

Once you enter the world of graphic designing, you have to hit with a bang. You should not register as a novice who is unaware of the latest technologies. Instead, you got to be confident enough to show your knack and knowledge about industry-specific graphic designs.

Be as fast and efficient with the design process as possible.

When you get your first project, make sure you adhere to the deadlines, and keep your client updated about the same.

Become an efficient problem solver.

Efficiency is another aspect that you need to polish when you dream of becoming a successful graphic designer. Never let it go unnoticed. Know how long it takes you to complete a task/project. Don’t make false promises; let your clients know a stipulated time on which the project can be completed.

Trigger a tracking system from the very first day you crack a project. Let your clients know the exact time you will take for the project completion.

Know your financial numbers

When you are working in a 9 to 5 schedule, you have cash inflow at the end of every month. Who doesn’t like to see the message ‘salary credited’ message on every first day of the month? But getting into a full-time business may be somewhat different in comparison to a full-time job.

So here are the 4 things that you need to consider:

1. How much do you make now in your full-time JOB?

When you start working by being your own boss, you need to attain a top spot for your business and finances. One needs to compare how much they used to make in their full-time job and the scope they have for earning from their new venture.

2. How much freelance work do you need to make to replace that income?

You need to have some serious gigs to generate income from your side hustle. Every business takes some time to settle and may not lay a flowery path in front of you to walk on. You might be required to face a lot of hurdles en route.

Chalk out your monthly EMI’s, taxes, and every tits and bit that you are required to pay every month.

Also, evaluate your insured state. Will you need to provide your own insurance, or are you covered under someone else?

3. Another thing that you need to plan is to create a buffer saving and to cut down the futile expenses.

4. Calculate your present workload and figure out whether it is enough to cater to your monetary needs to allow you to take up freelancing as full time.

From side hustle to full time… Before you leap…

So before you kick start your freelancing journey as a full-time occupation, here is what you need to reckon with so as not to get into a sticky situation:

  • Save, save, save

Business is way too different from a routine 9 to 5 job, and it may face ups and downs. So to meet the latter situation, you need to save, save, and save so that you always have emergency funds with you.

  • Living simply, cut out unnecessary expenses

Living simple is the essence of becoming successful. Every day may not be the same, thus you should learn to chop down the unnecessary expenses and live simply.

  • Live frugally, shop for good deals

As said before, you need to live an economic life. Getting good deals may make your purchase worth the money invested, so go for it!

  • Buy used when possible

Yes, you may fall in for non-worthy deals, but finding out something that can serve you value for money is never an inadequate settlement.

  • Setup a newsletter opt-in on your website and social channels (always be building your communication list)

We all understand the worth of social media, and using it to publicize your work can bring in some more potential clients for you.

  • As said earlier; you should learn to save. You cannot expect to blow off some pixie dust and get money whenever you need it. Cash reserve is a must to fulfill your switch from side hustle to full time.

Keys to success

  • Many people believe that having a long clientele is going to help. But it’s not just about having a long list of clients; it’s about having a few genuine clients who can help you attain success in your business.
  • Never stay back from saying a ‘no.’ Learn to accept rather than hitting around the bushes.
  • Build work relationships to go a long way in your business.

A 9 to 5 job can be exerting and may drain out your talent and capability. But people have to bite the bullet owing to their helplessness of earning a living. ‘Talent’ has a different story to narrate. So if you are someone who says ‘long live hustling,’ then this article is undoubtedly going to transform your thoughts to cross the barriers of your comfort zone to make money out of your talent.

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