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The Freelance CEO Fast-Start Toolkit is a care package of tools, tips, & trainings from my 20-year freelancing career, designed to kick-start your growth and give you strategic, tactical boosts no matter where you are on your freelancing journey – even if you’re a total beginner!

I designed it to help you cover all your bases as a freelancer – because to be totally honest, if you don’t know what you’re doing, freelancing can be a painful grind.

Finding consistent work, getting paid what you’re worth, juggling multiple projects, keeping clients happy—it can be overwhelming. The market is noisy, competition is fierce, and there’s more to freelancing than just being good at what you do.

You need a roadmap, a mentor, and a community.

That’s where The FreelanceCEO Fast-Start Toolkit comes in.

What is the Toolkit For?

The toolkit is not just a bundle of resources—it’s a carefully crafted journey. With it, you get:

  1. Professional Guidance: Step-by-step video training that covers the A to Z of Freelancing 101 – everything you need to really make it work as a freelancer.
  2. Proven Tools: Templates, checklists, and software recommendations to streamline your workflow and do outstanding work for dream clients while saving you hours and hours each week.
  3. Insider Tips: Actionable strategies to market your services and attract high-paying clients that have been working for 20 years – not shiny hacks that will stop working next week.
  4. Community Support: Access to an exclusive community of like-minded Freelance CEOs, swapping tips and encouraging one another on the journey.
  5. and maybe most importantly: The Complete Freelance Business Blueprint, which is our most-requested resource by far. You get it thrown in for absolutely free.

What Comes in the Toolkit?

  1. With the FreelanceCEO Fast Start Toolkit in hand, you will have all the tools necessary to find perfect clients, sell profitable projects, deliver great work fast, and make more money than a doctor does, while creating a lifestyle of freedom and flexibility to live life on your own terms — and a support community working on the same things, together!

A Short Course of 5 Emails Over 2 Weeks

Freelance 101
Email Course

Freelance CEO’s Most-Requested Resource

The 6-Figure Design Business Blueprint

Connect With a Network of CEO’s Like You!

Access to the Freelance CEO Collective Online Group

Get Started Finding Clients

Top Strategies for Finding Great Clients

Get Started With A Firm Foundation

Upwork Demystified™ Workshop (1 hr)

Give Your Clients An Awesome Experience

Client Onboarding Magic™ Workshop (1 hr)

Get Started Finding Clients

How to Calculate Rate & Pricing For Your Business

Get Started With A Firm Foundation

Business Expense Tracker

Get Started With Your Portfolio

Defeating Imposter Syndrome

There’s a lot of gurus out there who are gonna tell you that with their training or course is gonna turn your business around or make you a certain amount of money. Yet, as soon as I started receiving communication from Mat, I sensed something different. I could really tell that he was there to serve and that his heart was to help people like myself.

I know this sounds crazy, but… I had made more money in my business during those eight weeks than I had in the entire year previous.”

Isaac Fabian

Inside the FastStart Toolkit™, You’ll get access to these Amazing resources.

Freelance 101 Email Course

A Short Course of 5 Emails Over 2 Weeks Designed to help you get your business started

Private Access to the Freelance CEO Community

Connect With a Network of Design Business CEO’s Just Like You!

The Complete Freelance Business Blueprint

Our Most-Requested Resource! A Complete Roadmap to Design Business Success

How to Calculate Rate & Pricing For Your Business

Learn how to Price Your Projects and Get Paid What You’re Worth

Business Expense Tracker

Get on Top and Stay on Top of Your Numbers

Defeating Imposter Syndrome

Quit Playing Head Games and Win with the Right Mindset

Top Strategies for Finding Great Clients

No More Guessing—Get Solid Tips for finding Your best Clients

Upwork Demystified™ Workshop (1 hr)

Unlock the Potential of the World’s Largest Freelance Job Board

Client Onboarding Magic™ Workshop (1 hr)

Give Your Clients an Excellent Customer Experience