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The Freelance Blueprint Takes You Step-By-Step To Freelance Success

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In your mind, what are the benefits of being a freelancer? More time? Better money? The ability to work for others who have the same values?

I’ve been a full-time freelancer for 15 years, but I actually started freelancing when I was still in high school – 30 years ago! For me, becoming a freelance designer was born out of my desire to be my best self, to help the clients I really wanted to work with, and take control of my financial future.

It was not because I knew how to run a business. I didn’t have a freelance blueprint to follow. I don’t have a business degree. I didn’t major in marketing. I’m a designer.

The most challenging thing about freelancing is figuring out the things you didn’t even know you didn’t know. Things like: how to get pricing right, how to attract loyal clients, how to grow and scale. The list goes on!

Yes, the hardest part of having a business is actually running the business.

That is why I designed the Freelance Blueprint, a FREE resource for freelancers which is an outline of the considerations you need to make when running a business.

This blueprint is the basis of what I teach in my IGNITE Freelance Business Membership, where I teach designers how to find great clients and take control of their income potential by setting up a solid foundation. 

Watch the video to learn more below, or scroll to read on.

I’ve learned many hard (and expensive) lessons about business ownership over the years by doing things the hard way when I could have asked for help and made it easier on myself!

Inside the Freelance Blueprint, I highlight six main areas of concern:

1. Foundation Strategy

Under this area in the Freelance Blueprint, I’ve identified what you will need to be prepared for long-term growth.

For example, my freelance design business has grown year after year. In fact, 2020 was my best year ever, financially. With one client I hit a major milestone: over the lifetime of our work relationship, this client has paid me over a million dollars. It’s because I have a strong foundation on which I built my relationship with this client, allowing us to have a years-long relationship in which I could provide value for them.

That’s the type of business strategy that I want to help you create. One in which you have consistent clients paying you month after month without the “feast or famine cycle”.

2. Client Strategy

I list the things you need to consider when looking for and keeping clients.

Ultimately, a client that is perfect for you is going to fit the skills, passions, experience, and talents that you have. They are out there and you don’t need as many of them as you think!

A perfect client for me is someone that pays me really well to do work that I would do for free if time and money were no object. I have several perfect clients and I’m always on the lookout to find more – clients I mesh with so well that I’m able to use my skills, talent, and experiences and combine the passions I have for what their business or organizations represent. That for me is a win-win relationship. 

3. Marketing Strategy

How do you let people know who you are and what you do? You have unique skills, talents, and abilities that your client needs but they can’t hire you if they don’t know who you are. No one is going to promote your business if you don’t. That’s covered in the blueprint and I teach specifics as to HOW you market yourself in my IGNITE Freelance Business Membership.

4. Growth Strategy

How do you set up your business to grow year over year? Well, it doesn’t happen by accident. But hard work, preparation, and setting up your foundation for success will pay off.

5. Resources

This is a resource list of tools I use in my own business that help me achieve all my other goals.  These are my favorite pass and programs that help me keep my business efficient and lean.

6. Common Obstacles

Here you will find some challenges I’ve encountered as a freelancer that likely you will as well. Things like the fear of being able to set your price at a point where you’re not selling yourself short and not scaring away the client. Others like Imposter syndrome – that sense that you don’t have what it takes. 

We need to identify these common obstacles so we can address and overcome them, which is part of what I cover in my IGNITE membership.

Click here to download your Freelance Blueprint now.

For help in implementing this blueprint to build your business faster and better than you thought possible, consider joining my IGNITE Freelance Business Membership. It’s my signature coaching program with a seasoned professional (me!) who really cares about helping you move forward. I use the blueprint as a foundation for my program, diving into each of these areas in depth so you are fully prepared and confident in starting and growing your freelance business.

Membership for IGNITE opens very soon, so get on the waitlist now

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